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Finding swimwear or indeed anything related to upcoming holidays is exciting but can be pretty daunting. Ladies choosing swimwear experience various emotions ranging from “That is definitely for me” to the “Not so sure that will look great on me”. I guess women throughout the years have had this problem but I doubt whether they had the issues related to Social Media with endless holiday pictures – meaning of course that picture selection needs plenty of attention.

As a rule, women tend to have a selection of swimwear that they can choose from and in my opinion that is a wise move. We all get days when we are not feeling at our best…….usually after a visit to the local restaurants or having a few fast food takeaways that make you feel…well, not at your best.

Another point to remember is that if your upcoming holiday is based near very popular or crowded beaches, then you should try to be a little more conservative if you are unsure about the style of swimsuit to use. Alternatively, if you are going to be based near to a secluded beach, you will have more confidence to go for a more “daring” swimsuit.

What to choose? Buying a new swimsuit requires self honesty, are we similar to the models used on the website? Most of us will probably err on the side of caution and understand what will suit us and what will not. One piece or bikini is another question……just choose what you will feel comfortable in – lots of bikini’s these days are very flattering and will be suitable for the majority of women so don’t discount them from your plans, perhaps bring one along on your vacation and use it if your confidence is high.

Swimwear is not only functional in that you use it for swimming – it can be a fashion statement or it can make you feel like a million dollars, either way your holiday destination should be a pleasure and a reward for all your hard work and efforts throughout the year….not an ordeal.

Other things to consider when buying swimwear are the fabric, design, colour and the views of those that have previously bought that particular piece. Check out reviews but make your own mind up with those reviews in mind….it is your decision with lots to take into account before purchasing.

Whatever swimwear you choose, give yourself an alternative in your suitcase, that way, depending on your mood – you will always have something that you feel comfortable with.

Until next time, check out our swimwear range and we will be adding more options as the months go by. We have other holiday needs too so check them out….you may be reminded of something for that upcoming vacation.

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    You’re welcome

February 16, 2020

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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